Samsung PRO Instant Upgrade for Z3X , EASY-JTAG Box

Samsung to Samsung Pro activation allow for old users of 1st generation of Samsung Tool start use Samsung Tool Pro which has started from 20.0 software version.
Available for Z3X Dongle , Z3X Box and Easy-JTAG Box
About Samsung Pro Tool you can read here PayPal fee is included.

Buy 64.99 $

Samsung PRO Instant Activation for Z3X , EASY-JTAG Box

Samsung Pro Tool activation allow flash, unlock, repair, SN, Bluetooth etc. for 95% Samsung phones. Also with Samsung Editor you can change language and other resources in many Samsung phones. Samsung Tool Pro has started from 20.0 software version and this is next generation of Samsung Tool. More info you can get here

Buy 79.99 $

LG Instant Activation for Z3X , EASY-JTAG Box and Z3X Dongle

Z3X LG Tools Activation allows its owner to benefit from one of the best servicing tools for LG phones' unlocking and repair. With Z3X LG you'll be able to service most of the supported GSM and CDMA models: from simplest phones to top-level smartphones and tablets. Read more here

Buy 79.99 $

Easy JTAG Plus Instant Activation for Z3X Cards

JTAG Activation for Z3X Card Ownres - this activation requrie an JTAG box without card.

Buy 129.99 $
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